Gerry has been involved in the Photographic Industry for over 20 years and he still loves the challenge of a new brief. The Talk will be informal and fun while focusing on how we can find our own personal way of looking at the world through photography and how everyone has stories to tell.[...]

Turkey Travel Talk

Join Us with Kaan Yilmaz, Culture and Tourism Counselor of Turkish embassy to walk you through Turkey.... Fact: Istanbul is the only city in the world which is located on two continents.[...]

Join Ruby Tay, a certified NLP Coach & Time Line Therapy Practitioner in Let's Talk, discussing "Why Does Your Diet Suck?". Find out the way to proper diet. Grab a cup of coffee at WYC, Oasis Village or any other items to join in for free. [...]

Don’t miss out on engaging with this visionary iNfLUENCER who believes in “delivering happiness” and value to every customer, employee and supplier via a streamlined Feruni corporate culture that has revolutionized the staid tiling industry in a matter of years![...]

France Travel Talk

Join Us with Murad Tayebi, the Asean Regional Director for France Tourism Development Agency to walk you through France.... Fact: French toast was originally called pain perdu (lost bread), and the first written mention of the dish comes from the court of Henry V of England. The Oxford English Dictionary mentions the first use of the name "French toast" was in 1660 in a book called the Accomplisht Cook.[...]

Swiss Health Talk

Join us with a talk by the head of pharmaceutical research & development of just international, Mr. Michael Laun in the health forum to share his experience with causes and precautions related to health, skin diseases & problems[...]

Join us for a chat with one of Malaysia’s youngest and most innovative iNfLUENCERS... blazing a trail in the challenging construction industry with infectious passion, keen vision and maturity way beyond his 33 years of age.[...]