Turkey Travel Talk

Join Us with Kaan Yilmaz, Culture and Tourism Counselor of Turkish embassy to walk you through Turkey.... Fact: Istanbul is the only city in the world which is located on two continents.[...]

Join Ruby Tay, a certified NLP Coach & Time Line Therapy Practitioner in Let's Talk, discussing "Why Does Your Diet Suck?". Find out the way to proper diet. Grab a cup of coffee at WYC, Oasis Village or any other items to join in for free. [...]

Don’t miss out on engaging with this visionary iNfLUENCER who believes in “delivering happiness” and value to every customer, employee and supplier via a streamlined Feruni corporate culture that has revolutionized the staid tiling industry in a matter of years![...]

France Travel Talk

Join Us with Murad Tayebi, the Asean Regional Director for France Tourism Development Agency to walk you through France.... Fact: French toast was originally called pain perdu (lost bread), and the first written mention of the dish comes from the court of Henry V of England. The Oxford English Dictionary mentions the first use of the name "French toast" was in 1660 in a book called the Accomplisht Cook.[...]

Swiss Health Talk

Join us with a talk by the head of pharmaceutical research & development of just international, Mr. Michael Laun in the health forum to share his experience with causes and precautions related to health, skin diseases & problems[...]

Join us for a chat with one of Malaysia’s youngest and most innovative iNfLUENCERS... blazing a trail in the challenging construction industry with infectious passion, keen vision and maturity way beyond his 33 years of age.[...]

Namibia Travel Talk

Final Call!!! All who #LoveTraveling around the world. #TravelTalk presents #Namibia happening Today, the 11th of April 2017 @ WillYou? Café, 1 Mont Kiara from 7 pm onwards…Entrance is FREE!!! #ExploreNamibia with H.E. Anne Namakau Mutelo as she takes you on a journey to discover the richness of wildlife and breath taking landscapes of this exotic country …See you all there Today!!![...]